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5th June 2020 

Sports & Therapeutic Massage

I specialise in Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Reflexology.

My treatment for Sports Massage varies in nature depending on the outcome you require. A treatment may include a variety of techniques to achieve the best results for you:

• Assessment General/Swedish Massage - to palpate and identify the working area.
• Deep Tissue Massage Techniques - to warm, realign and stretch soft tissue.
• Neuro Muscular Techniques - to work sensitive tissue areas through trigger points.
• Muscle Energy Technique - to stretch and manipulate specific muscles.
• Soft Tissue Release - to stretch and release target muscle groups and superficial tissue.

I will always carry out a full consultation, to assess your suitability for treatment.
Depending on the reason for your visit, I will also carry out a posture analysis to identify any postural or gait imbalances.
Where appropriate I can provide you with guidance on stretching and warm up techniques to enable you to continue and manage your own recovery.

What to expect

Treatments will all require some level of undress to shorts or underwear. Only the treatment area will be exposed.
My massage treatments focus on the soft tissues within the body, releasing tension and improving blood flow to the tissues.
I work on postural imbalances brought about through your daily routine, habits and training, to offer an improvement on the range of motion and general mobility.
Repetitive holding patterns or habits may lead to a shortening and tightening of muscles that may result in postural imbalances.
I use different techniques to ensure the treatment is effective. This may include a combination of deep tissue massage, energy techniques, stretching, neuromuscular techniques, and soft tissue release so that a better posture may be achieved.

Sports Massage

This focuses on aiding your recovery following an injury or any long term muscular problems, repetitive strain injuries, posture habits or muscular spasm.
This approach is suitable for active (athletic) and not so active people, and those who spend long periods in front of computers or driving.

Therapeutic Massage

I can help with pain and dysfunction associated with

• Rotator cuff / Frozen Shoulder / Shoulder Muscles
• Neck muscles
• Lower back pain
• Muscle Pain related to posture
• Sciatic Pain and Piriformis syndrome
• Tight Hamstrings and Calf Muscles.

Soft Tissue Therapy

This is treatment to the soft tissue structures of the body; muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia to name just a few. Anything that is not bone, spinal or skeletal usually describes soft tissue. If you have a strain injury or suffer repetitive strain, this is the appropriate treatment for you. Tight and restricted movement may be caused purely by soft tissue imbalance. Treatment techniques involve massage, tissue release, mobilisation and manipulation of structures to encourage release and movement.

What Happens Next?

The first treatment comprises a full consultation and history to gather relevant information and background to any injuries.
This is followed by a postural assessment, and where appropriate specific and functional tests, to establish range of motion or any restrictive patterns that may be affecting you.
We can then discuss your goals and objectives and devise a treatment plan on how to move forward in helping you back to fitness.
Where relevant, depending on the reason for your visit, I can provide you with information on appropriate stretches and exercises designed to help you take control of your own recovery.